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Jump 167 – Mamba (Do-Si-Do)


Jump 167 – Mamba (Do-Si-Do) with Christian and Elizabeth at West Tennessee Skydivers Swing your partner round and round. Thanks for teaching me the dance moves.

Jump 158 – 2 Way Freefly


Jump 158 – 2 Way Freefly with Steve at West Tennessee Skydivers Thanks so much for the help Steve! I learned a lot.

Jump 159 – 2 Way with Sam

Jump 159 - Featured

Jump 159 – with Sam at West Tennessee Skydivers So this skydive went exactly as planned except for that it totally didn’t. The only parts that went as planned were exiting the aircraft and the fruit loop at the end. It was fun anyways though!

Jump 146 – Bikini Skydive


Jump 146 – Bikini Skydive West Tennessee Skydivers to celebrate the breakup. She left the gym shorts I bought her so I decided to jump with them.

Jump 137 – 3 Way Noodle –...

Jump 137 - Featured

Jump 137 – 3 Way Noodle Dive with John and Brad at West Tennessee Skydivers Pretty sweet ass jump.

Fun flight with my SkyScout and

Vic n Leo - Featured

Fun flight with my SkyScout and a trainer I tried my best to follow the trainer plane and take video with the GoPro Hero 4.

SkyScout HD Sunset

SkyScout HD Sunset Featured

Flying the SkyScout 2 at sunset with the GoPro Hero 4. I’m digging this GoPro thing.

Bassnectar Red Rocks


Bassnectar Red Rocks – Loopy Remix 3 I decided to try my hand at mixing up this Red Rocks Bassnectar stuff I found on youtube. Not bad for my first try.

Heart On My Sleeve


This is the sweet ass heart I wear on my sleeve. Cody at Oxford Tattoo did this for me. Give them a call at (662) 281-8226.

A Funny Lynching


Lynchings are not funny. They weren’t funny back then and they aren’t funny today. They are kind of funny when Granddad talks about them on The Boondocks.. But what happened to Freddie Gray is not cool I don’t care what his rap sheet said he was peddling. This is not ok. The Boondocks is always […]

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